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[15 Oct 2011|04:27pm]
You were in my dream last night. Not you. Just your voice.
I still remember how fragile you used to sound.
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[06 Oct 2009|09:51pm]
I write in this because it's the only place i know that you won't look.
i hate that i hear songs that remind me of you.
i hate that i dreamt of you.
i hate when i hear your voice in my head.
i hate that this isn't about one person.
i hate that this is about everyone.
i hate that i hate so much.

i'm drunk and tired and alone in this apartment for the first time in days.
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[15 Jun 2009|11:47pm]
"I feel this great, great pressure coming down on me. It's constantly coming down on me. It's crushing me."
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[18 Jul 2008|02:50pm]
Jesus Christ, I have had this forever.
Looking back, I never posted anything worth reading
and it makes me laugh, the things I used to pine over.

I'm 21 and I work with teenagers.
Goddamn I have never felt so old.
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[10 Nov 2007|12:07pm]
tegan and sara last night were amazing.

they covered umbrella in an encore.

what a night.
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[17 Jul 2007|04:04am]
the thing that sucks most about working at a movie theatre is seeing all the cock-suckers that I'd never thought I'd have to see again and make up some lie so they won't think that they're a million times better off than I am and so I can end the conversation quickly

either that or i just walk away and ignore them after the initial 'Hi'

thank God that I work projection now and very rarely have to encounter these scenarios
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[20 Jun 2007|10:47am]

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[13 Jun 2007|12:39pm]
"swallow us all up...we are surely not worthy"

I never took much stock into religion.

but maybe i should. maybe we really aren't worthy of redemption.
maybe i'm so overwhelmed so tired so bored and boring because it's a sign of how not to live.
maybe if my life changes, how i feel will change as well.
but isn't it sinful to try and follow God, not for religious reasons, but for my own personal gain?

oh, christ. this is going to be long.
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[18 May 2007|10:20am]
I used to think it was writers block...

now i realise that i was never good at writing.
and i think i'm okay with it.
i think i'll be fine.
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[15 Apr 2007|07:42pm]
I hate reading my friends page and seeing how interesting everyone else's lives are.

I really do.

So maybe if you could quit leading interesting lives while all I do is work...
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[29 Mar 2007|10:27am]
Jesus Christ...i am out the proverbial loop....

I took a break to find myself and, in turn, just got more lost.
I don't know who I am or what i'm doing.
I just am...and i'm just doing.
That was stupid.
But so is wasting my years at a dollar theatre.
But who the fuck are you to judge?
You don't know me.
But I don't know me.
I should be the only one able to bring myself down but i let others do it as well.
Fuck them, fuck you, fuck.

I'm going to become a cop.
Firefighting wasn't all that I hoped it to be.

My brother died.
I don't want pity.
I just want an excuse to lash out irrationally.
I've heard people tell me he's in a better place now, but fuck that.
Who're you to tell me I'm selfish for wanting him here?
Maybe I am selfish, but until you lose your baby brother, I don't want to hear it.
I'll wait until you lose your family in a fiery boat crash and then tell you "Well, it was God's plan and they're in a better place now."
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[13 Jun 2006|12:08am]
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[11 May 2006|01:03pm]
I have an apartment.
I have roommates.

I have to pee.
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[28 Dec 2005|02:44pm]
New Years Resolution: Stop being a bag of douche.
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[02 Nov 2005|01:24am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I just watched "The Birds".
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[11 Oct 2005|01:38am]

When I was younger, many a things scared me.
None scared me as much as this, though...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[05 Oct 2005|12:47am]
Papillion87 (12:42:14 AM): anothony you are a smelly pirate hooker

DigiDude75028 (12:42:39 AM): at least im not a drunk smelly pirate hooker!

Hahahah 0WN3D!!!
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[01 Oct 2005|05:02am]
When I was younger, I fell in love for the first time.
She was everything I ever wanted in a girl.
She was...

a super-heroine, and a cute one at that.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh, how I miss her.
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[12 Sep 2005|06:09pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My life is awesome.
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[29 Aug 2005|01:52am]
So, I do this thing where I lose track of time when I'm caught up in something.

Guess what's been keeping meCollapse )
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